Raw Materials

We use exclusively-certified materials in the production process. Together with the quality of our workmanship these guarantee that our wings easily obtain the only valid document in Poland, the “Świadectwo Sprawności Technicznej”. We always conform to current regulations and react to any changes without delay.
Our constantly-rising volume of production demanded an increase in the amount of materials needed. On one hand, this requires greater investment but, on the other, it establishes us as a serious partner and allows an independent choice of supplier. Our experiences led us to the following conclusions:


Each make of fabric has different qualities. In order to create a paraglider that performs well, they must be perfectly matched.

The top surface is most often made of Porcher 9092 SkyTex AQUATIC cloth (40 or 45g/m2). It is a nylon fabric covered with superb E85A impregnate, after thorough testing introduced into mass production in 2002. This cloth is not that stiff and – what’s most important – has increased tear, stretch and UV resistance. It is not siliconised, so minor repairs can be easily made with self-adhesive strips.
The bottom surface is made of SkyTex 9017 with E38A impregnate (40g/m2). This cloth has a great weight/resistance ratio and is one of the greatest Porcher Marine successes in providing professional materials for the paragliding industry.
The ribs must be very rigid and stretch-resistant. We found these qualities in SkyTex 40 Hard with E29A impregnate.
Reinforcements are made with Polyester Scrim W382 (170 g/m2) from Porcher Industries as well, and seams are stitched with special professional Coats threads.

Colours of the fabric:

Ref : 001
Pantone ref 001 C
Sun Flower
Ref : 921
Pantone ref 108 C
Ref : 939
Pantone ref 123 C
Ref : 744
Pantone ref 1505 C
Ref : 633
Pantone ref 186 C
Deep Blue
Ref : 354
Pantone ref 293 C
Ref : 551
Pantone ref 349 C
Dark Grey
Ref : 121
Pantone ref 18-0201
Ref : 102
Pantone ref 006 C





As a standard we use polyester-coated lines made by the French company “COUSIN Trestec” with Technora core for the main and auxiliary lines, and Dyneema core for some of auxiliary lines.


Our risers are supplied by the Pasamon company – the biggest Polish manufacturer in the field of industrial cords and tapes.


A – yellow

A’ (big ears) – blue
B – red
C – black
D – grey


As a standard we use quick-links of French Peguet company and specialised pulleys of AustriAlpin. In our opinion and that of many other leading companies these are the best products available.