Myth #2: It Is Harder To Steer A Reflex Wing

Harder handling is not caused exclusively by the reflex profile, there is a simple fact that Refelx Paragliders fly faster than Classic Paragliders (steering a classic wing at 60+ km/h would require a lot of strength too!).  Should a Reflex Paraglider be steered with technologies similar to Classic Paragliders,  you would really need a strong man to handle it at high speed!

However, ongoing design improvements finally worked out solutions that practically eliminate this problem.  In the latest wings,  brakes act more like “pulling in” than “pulling down”,  thus bringing comfort to steering Reflex Paragliders at low speeds.  At high speeds (open trimmers + speedbar) there is additional set of steering handles connected directly to wingtips (TST – Tip Steering Toggles),   for easy and effective handling.

FACT: Modern Reflex Paraglider design features more effective classic steering techniques at lower speeds,  and alternative handles set (TST) for higher speeds.