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High performance EN D two-liner

Dudek Coden

After many successes enjoyed all over the world by our PPG wings – the Action and the ReAction – we challenged ourselves with yet another task: to create a PPG paraglider that will be accessible for pilots of all training stages. We wanted to merge the safety and performance of our existing PPG wings with the ease of classic paragliders’ launch. To our delight we succeeded, and so our newest PPG wing – the Synthesis – was born.

Coden is a modern sport two-liner, designed for highly experienced and skilled pilots. It will be a natural choice for top level competition pilots or those wishing to improve their personal best distances.

When designing the paraglider we took special care to reach best compromise between safety and performance.

Due to carefully adjusted aerofoil allows Coden is highly resistant to deflations even at maximum speed. Combined with rigid Flexi Edge parts, reduced total lines length and 6,95 aspect ratio the performance of the Coden is comparable to uncertified canopies. However maximum safety was retained, as confirmed by EN D certificate (last but not least, this is an entry card into 1st category FAI competitions).

While thermalling Coden behaves foreseeable, freeing your mind for tactical considerations or sightseeing (depending on your mood). Special ball-shaped grips keep possibility of precise steering at your fingertips even in accelerated flight.

Progressive steering forces allow for easy disitnguishing between sharp turns in strong cores and shallow circles in weak thermals.

During months of trials the paraglider demonstrated outstanding performance and exemplary behaviour; all test pilots were positively impressed.

Coden is manufactured with new technology employing precision of the laser cutting. All stages of production are completed in Poland under strict supervision of the designer himself, thus ensuring highest European quality.


Coden 25.5 passed EN/LTF tests in D class.

Name / size Coden 23 Coden 25.5
Certificate EN/LTF pending D
Cell number 77 77
Surface flat [m2] 23.7 25.50
Surface projected  [m2] 20.22 21.75
Wingspan flat [m] 12.83 13.31
Wingspan projected [m] 10.31 10.69
Aspect ratio flat/projected 6.95 / 5.25
Sink [m/s]
Speed [km/h]
Longest chord [mm] 2346 2433
Shortest cord [cm] 434 450
Lines length (incl. risers) [m] 7.83 8.12
Total lines length [m] 233.2 243.06
Canopy weight [kg] 6.1 6.5
Take-off weight [kg] 85-105 100-120
Lines Edelrid A-8000U: 025; 050; 070; 090; 120; 200; 280; 360
Cloth Dominicotex 38, 34, Porcher hard 40

User manual:


Rigging scheme and tables:


Certificates, reports:

 EN Flight test report: Coden 25.5

LTF Flight test report: Coden 25.5

EN Load test report
LTF Load test report

Load test diagram

EN sticker Coden 25.5

LTF sticker Coden 25.5

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