Dudek Smart Pulley
Dudek Smart PulleyDudek Smart PulleyDudek Smart Pulley

Dudek Smart Pulley

A durable and easily exchangeable pulley featuring ball bearing, designed and built by Dudek Paragliders exclusively for paragliding use.


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  • All parts made of highest quality A2 stainless steel
  • Roll made of carefully chosen, polyurethane-based stuff
  • Bearing allows for longest possible service period
  • Removable rod makes sure the pulley easy to replace in case of damage or wear
  • Cylinder shaped rod is better compatible with straps fixing the pulley to the risers
  • The drum is completely covered by metal faceplates, so that drum edges cannot damages any part of the risers
  • Fatigue- and damage tests confirm high pulley strength
  • The rod is safeguarded by a Seeger ring against chance releasing
  • Shape of the faceplate keeps the drum in a safe distance from the riser (no unnecessary friction)
  • Clearance of the rod is 5 mm less than in recently used pulleys, resulting in 1 cm longer speed-system range

Technical Data:

  • diameter – 16 mm
  • max line diameter – 6 mm
  • max load – 250 kg
  • strength – 550 kg
  • weight – 12 g

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