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Easy KeeperEasy KeeperEasy KeeperEasy KeeperEasy KeeperEasy Keeper

Easy Keeper

Easy Keeper – our own fastening system for the brake handles, using strong neodymium magnets – is applied since 2009 as standard in all our paragliders. Yet owners of older models can obtain comfort of this solution too, purchasing Easy Keeper as a self-assembly kit.

Offered kit consists of steering handles and properly prepared magnet to be sewn onto riser. It is to be fixed in such places as to make sure the brakes won’t be accidentally pulled after clipping handles onto magnets.

Detailed description of the brake handle (pdf)

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CAUTION: knot used to attach the handle to steering line is vitally important!

Pictures show the right way of tying the steering line to the ring of the handle. Knot made in this way attaching will not untie itself – on the contrary – when force is applied to the brake it does fasten even tighter.

This is the way brake handles are tied in brand new paragliders and in case of personal adjustment they must be tied inexactly the same way.

Easy Keeper Easy Keeper Easy Keeper Easy Keeper

Easy Keeper Easy Keeper Easy Keeper Easy Keeper

Easy Keeper

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