The line of GLOBE Special Parachutes comes as a sucessor of long-produced SH-1 and SH-bi models. The most outstanding feature of this rescue chute is its exceptionally stable descent. It’s weight ranges have been adjusted so that maximum sink speed never exceeds 5,5 m/s – something of special importance to PPG flyers. Of course the free-flyers will appreciate comfortable sink speed as well. GLOBE introduces new geometry of the canopy, and its air permeability is differentiated with several types of cloth used. Significant modifications went into deployment bag and outer container.

Test results give us solid grounds to hope that it’s one of the best rescue parachutes on the (nomen omen) globe, offering comfortable ride in the otherwise very uncomfortable situation of saving one’s ass…

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GLOBE 90 120 160
Certification EN awaiting EP 013.2008 awaiting
Canopy system single single single
Number of panels/lines 18 20 24
Surface flat [m2] 28,05 37,15 53,00
Surface projected [m2] 15,93 21,10 30,46
Maximum opening speed [km/h] 115 115 115
Maximum opening time [s] 3 3 3
Maximum sink rate [m/s] 5,5 5,5 5,5
Maximum load [kg] 90 120 160
Weight [kg] 1,8 2,35 3,12

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