Neoprene case 0042
Neoprene case 0042Neoprene case 0042Neoprene case 0042

Neoprene case 0042

Neoprene case for following variometers:

  • Flytec 4005,
  • Flytec 4010,
  • Flytec 4020,
  • Flytec 4030,
  • Brauniger IQ-Comfort II

Protect the instruments against damages. Velcro mounting allows for fixing the case on a flight deck or a vertical mount.
It is very elastic, so will perfectly fit the instrument’s shape.

If you are not going to place the instrument on any mount equipped with velcro pad, there is a strap included which you can sew onto any place you like in harness or your flight suit.

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