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EN B Cross-country/Recreational wing

Product Description

Dudek Optic

Optic is a cross-country/recreational wing of EN B class and 5,45 aspect ratio (51 cells). Dedicated for actively flying pilots who wish to advance their skills. For pilots, who seek safety of EN B class while craving for exceptional performance.

Canopy design includes rigid cores (Flexi Edge Technology) and mini-ribs on the trailing edge perfectly shaping, smoothing and stabilizing the aerofoil at all speeds. Such technology, transferred from purebred competition wings, combined with three-row rigging brings about enormous margin of passive safety, coupled with outstanding performance.

The aerofoil used in the Optic has some reflex traits. The paraglider is resistant to collapses, launches easily and has perfect handling. Especially worth mentioning is its longitudinal and lateral stability.

As in other our paragliders the risers of the Optic constitute a complete, comfortable and carefully thought out control panel, where each instrument is placed exactly where it should be and works as it should. Modern risers of 20 mm width feature ball-bearing SmartPulleys, made on special order and conforming to our indigenous design. Versatile and comfortable brakes with neodymium magnets can be adjusted to individual preferences.
The Optic was extensively tested during many hours of internal tests, performed in wide range of terrrain and weather conditions.

As a result you got the wing that will easily float in slightest lift, and covering long distances in turbulence typical for a thermally active day won’t bring any problems. Speed-system operation is safe and comfortable even in rough air. Optic has lots of speed, great deal of lift, and generally it simply wants to fly – so don’t be selfish and take it with you for a long XC.

Optic is manufactured with new technology, employing precision of the laser cutter. All stages of production are completed in Poland under strict supervision of the designer himself, thus ensuring highest European quality.

Graphic design of the Optic has been created by Włodzimierz Bykowski, an artist, painter and designer collaborating with us for years. It is an evolution of former Plus design, inclining towards new post-cubist idea visible on all wings of our 2012 rage – hence broken shapes and non-parallel lines.


All sizes have passed EN tests in B category.

Name – size Optic 22
Optic 24
Optic 26
Optict 28
Optic 31
Certification EN/LTF B B B
B B 
Number of cells 51 51 51 51 51
Surface area (flat) [m2] 22.00 24.00 26.00 28.00 31.00
Surface area (projected) [m2] 19.01 20.74 22.47 24.20 26.79
Span (flat) [m] 10.95 11.44 11.90 12.35 13.00
Span (projected) [m] 8.80 9.19 9.57 9.93 10.45
Aspect ratio flat/projected 5.45 / 4.07
Sink rate [m/s] min = 1.0; trym = 1.1; max = 2.0
Speed [km/h] min = 23; trym = 37; max = 51
Max. chord [cm] 250.27 261.40 272.06 282.34 297.08
Min. chord [cm] 50.07 52.29 54.43 56.48 59.43
Distance pilot to wing [m] 6.90 7.20 7.50 7.78 8.19
Total lines length [m] 243.34 254.17 264.54 274.53 288.86
Canopy weight [kg] - 5.5 5.8 6.0 6.7
Take-off weight [kg] 50-70 60-85 75-100 90-120 110-140
Load test [kg] 174 (8G)
Lines Edelrid A-8000U: 025 & 050 & 090 & 120;
Cloth Dominicotex 38, 34, Porcher hard 40

User Manual


Rigging scheme and tables



 Optic 22 flight test

 Optic 24 flight test
 Optic 26 flight test
 Optic 28 flight test
 Optic 31 flight test

 Optic 22 certificate

 Optic 24 certificate
 Optic 26 certificate
 Optic 28 certificate
 Optic 31 certificate

 Optic 22 sticker

 Optic 24 sticker
 Optic 26 sticker
 Optic 28 sticker
 Optic 31 sticker

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