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Pogo 2

Our basic goal when working on Pogo2 was to improve the ergonomy and reduce weight. And we succeeded – thanks to new, advanced materials it w2 ieighs just 5,5 kg in M size, while both the cross-country and competition pilots will be satisfied with its comfortable back support and new, ergonomic seat. Actually every pilot should like this harness, as its wide range of adjustments will make it fit any person.

Pogo passed certification process according to EN and LTF norms

Due to new scheme of the straps Pogo 2 brings about great stability and significantly reduced risk of launching without leg or breast straps clipped in.

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Product Description

Airfoam protector of 15 cm covered with polycarbon plate offers safety for the pilot’s backbone.
Integrated rescue chute container is placed on the back, behind protector. Release handle is located in a handy spot on the right side of the harness.

Cocoon keeps pilot happy and warm while improving aerodynamics. It is fully detachable for easier servicing of the harness. Four-point regulation of cocoon’s length allows any position of the footrest angle. Together with integrated cockpit it is fixed to harness in two points only.
New system od closing the cocoon “reminds” you to clip the chest strap in.
There is dedicated ballast room under seat plate.

Pogo2 features easily replaceable Smart Pulleys with ball-bearings, so that your speedsystem will always run smooth.

Special reinforcements keep the harness’ shape when the back pocket is not full.

It is being offered completely equipped (carabiners, speedbar, cockpit), so with addition of rescue chute and some regulations it is ready to fly.


15 cm airfoam with polycarbon plate


black + red, blue or yellow


Textile: Cordura (DuPont), Nylon,
Straps: Poliamid, Poliester
Buckles: AustriAlpin, Finsterwalder
Carabiners: AustriAlpin lub SupAir
Plastic parts: ITW, WJ

Size Carabiners width [cm]
Hangpoints height [cm] Seat width  back/front [cm] Pilot height [cm] Max pilot weight [kg] Harness weight [kg]
M 39-50 42 32/29 160-175 100 5,5
L 39-50 43 34/31 170-185 100 5,6
XL 39-50 44 36/32 180-195 100 5,9

Certificates and Reports:

PDF Certificate
PDF Report
PDF PH-055-2013


PDF English Version

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