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PowerSeat harness fits practically all existing paramotors – there are two versions, for low weight-shift bars and high or low hangpoints. It is very light at just 2,3 kilograms (basic outfit, M size). To add some comfort the seatplate can be extended with a foldable part. Harness is equipped with two elastic pockets on sides. To neutralise torque there is a single cross-brace that can be fixed left or right side, depending on the propeller rotation.

The PowerSeat is ready to accept a speed-system bar. Two pulleys, rings under seatplate and rings on risers make sure the lines will be led safely and collision-free.

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PowerSeat is available in three types:

Powerseat standard a basic version with lowest weight and price. It’s simplified design does not mean it’s uncomfortable though.

Powerseat + same as above, with enlarged size pockets and additional pocket under seatplate.

Powerseat Comfort as the name suggests, we’ve focused on pilot’s comfort here. Accordingly, the arm straps and entire back are double padded, with the arm straps additionally covered by neoprene cloth to safeguard the rescue chute V-strap. Also on the back there are tunnels to lead the V-strap through. The seat plate is more spacious than in Powerseat +, with similar pockets. Under seatplate there are additional sockets provided to keep the speed-bar in place.

Colours: black

Harness is sold without carabiners.

Seatplate width  [cm]
Pilot height [cm]
Max pilot weight [kg]

Weight of the PowerSeat Standard harness: 2,3 kg in M size

These pictures show the Comfort version for low hangpoints.

Below is a Powerseat Standard for high hangpoints.

This is the comfort and + version seen from below:

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