In general pylons are made of typical paragliding textiles for the main part and durable cordura-type fabric for the base.

Proper shape of the pylon is kept with air pressure. Constant supply of air is required, as the design is not airtight. Fortunately, popular and ubiquitous gardening blowers (normally used for removing leaves or snow) are perfectly suited for this task. All you need is to insert the blower into dedicated sleeve with adjustable diameter (up to 220 mm), located in the base part of the pylon.

The pylon is fixed to the ground with eight special screws (included in the package).

Currently there are two sizes of the pylons available – 8 and 12 meter high, with corresponding diameters of 215 and 320 cm.

On special order custom graphics or advertisements can be applied, based on self-adhesive paragliding cloth. Alternatively, removable banners can be used too. Detailed solutions are to be discussed with our technical department.The package beside pylon itself includes ground screws, bag for the groundscrews and pylon bag. The blower is not included.

Pylons are mostly used as giant slalom poles in paramotor competitions.

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