Survival kit
Survival kitSurvival kitSurvival kitSurvival kitSurvival kitSurvival kit

Survival kit


Survival/rescue kit for paraglider pilots in spacious Cordura pocket. The kit includes medical, survival and repair accessories we deem necessary, such as :

  1. CPR mouth shield
  2. Sticking plaster (6×10 cm – 8 pcs.)
  3. Triangular bandage (60×80 cm)
  4. Sterile pad (10x 10 cm)
  5. Elastic bandage (8 cm)
  6. Space blanket
  7. Vinyl gloves (4 pcs.)
  8. Alcohol pads
  9. Lighter
  10. Multitool (combination pliers, scissors, file, screwdrivers, knife)
  11. Technical threads (black and hite + needle) for canopy repairs
  12. White self-adhesive repair strip
  13. Whistle
  14. Spare suspension line – red – 1 pc. – 6 m

Of course this kit can be tailored to your personal needs.

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