Wind ribbon
Wind ribbonWind ribbonWind ribbon

Wind ribbon

A wind ribbon to put on the car aerial or any other place you like.

Made of paragliding cloth – thus it can happen that yours will exactly fit the canopy you have.
On each ribbon there is some aphorism, saying or another golden thought printed (in English).

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Umpteen ribbon types are available, with various sentences (general, free-flight or PPG):

1. The only time you’ve got too much fuel is when you’re on fire
2. The propeller on a ppg is a fan designed to cool the pilot’s face. When the prop stops turning, the pilot starts to sweat
3. There is nothing more useless than runway behind you and air in the fuel tank
4. My PPG eats your extreme sport for breakfast!
5. I remember the good old days when flying was dangerous and sex was safe; now it’s the other way around
6. Airspeed, altitude or brains: at least two are always needed to fly safely
7. Why live on the edge, when you can launch off it?
8. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do
9. Take off is optional, but landing is mandatory
10. Only pilots truly know why the birds sing
11. Flying is a great way of life for men who want to feel like boys, but not for men who still are
12. Better to be down here wishing you were up there than up there wishing you were down here
13. You start off with lots of luck and no skill. Try to get the latter before the former runs out
14. Live to fly. Fly to live
15. A good landing is one where the pilot is reusable. An excellent landing is one where the aircraft is also reusable
16. My PG eats your extreme sport for breakfast!

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