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Speedflying wing

Dudek Zakospeed

Mountains, clear air, snow and speed – that’s your realm. Your thoughts wander around new sports – speedriding or speedflying, that will allow you to combine your skiing skills with paragliding-like experience. And once we are there, perhaps you would like to check yourself at groundhandling, so that real paragliding will be easier to learn, too?

Then all you want is Zakospeed!

ZakoSpeed is Dudek Paragliders answer to new, trendy needs of speedriding & speedflying. It is not a full-grown paraglider, so Zako must not be used for altitude or aerobatic flying. On the other hand, there is nothing against its use in groundhandling – in fact, it is even better suited to it than a normal wing, presenting a great opportunity to acquaint yourself with paragliding.

Speedriding is downhill skiing or snowboarding brought into new dimension. The experience is enhanced with reduced performance wing, allowing you to make some hops on the way down – kind of moon-walking over moulds and obstacles. With slightly better performing craft a skier will be able to spend more time with the air, so instead of fast skiing with some hops it will be fast, low flying with some touch & go’s.
As you can see, the border line between speedriding and speedflying is rather vague – and that’s exactly the zone where our ZakoSpeed dwells, allowing for incredible mix of three-dimensional winter experience.

Still we can distinguish several more specialized species, better equipped to conquer its realms:

Standard Versions

  • ZakoSpeed 12V
  • ZakoSpeed 14V
  • ZakoSpeed 16V

Design and performance of these models is similar to standard PG wings. The inner wign design features partial v-ribs, that lend support to classic free-floating ribs and make for regular upper surface, while not hindering internal pressure propagation (in other words – good performance with great security).

Design & Characteristics

Design and characteristics of ZakoSpeed are derived from standard flying wings. It’s big cell openings make for flawless launch, without any overshooting in strong winds. Suspension lines are relatively short, attached to every second rib. Inner-wing design features diagonal v-ribs (reduced to tapes, as the wing does not need to be bullet-proof).

This is an adequate solution that ensures right positioning of the free-floating ribs, smooth upper surface and free propagation of pressure inside the wing. All that translates into good performance at full safety.

Because of its small surface ZakoSpeed retains good stability even in strong gusts, so you can get on kiting it when employing normal paraglider would be dangerous or outright impossible.

A & B and C & D rows are gathered into two main suspension lines rows. This simple organization allows for simplified double risers too, making frontal collapses at launch impossible.

In order to increase user’s comfort we’ve employed our proven DCT (Double Comfort Toggle) system.


Size 12 14 16
Number of cells 30 30 30
Surface area (flat) [m2] 12,00 14,00 16,00
Surface area (projected) [m2] 10,46 12,20 13,94
Span (flat) [m] 7,48 8,07 8,63
Span (projected) [m] 6,07 6,56 7,01
Aspect ratio (flat) 4,66
Aspect ratio (projected) 3,52
Weight of the wing [kg] 3,0 3,3 3,6
Load test [6G] 110 kg
Fabric SkyTex Evolution 44 g/m2 (E85A)
SkyTex Classic 39 g/m2 soft finish (E38A)
SkyTex Classic 39 g/m2 hard finish (E29A)
SR Scrim, SR Laminate (180 g/m2)


 Raport z load testu. 155.90 KB
 Wykres load testu. 23.33 KB

Risers for Zakospeed

There are two kinds of risers designed specially for the Zakospeed: traditional and light ones.
Light version is attached to Zakospeed light of course.
Instead of traditional risers, light set features lines finished with bare loops (no qucklinks). Light steering handle is held by a plastic buckle. Steering line goes through a guide.
Classic Zakospeeds are equipped with traditional risers including Easy Keeper, steering line pulleys and quicklinks.


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