Tests & Safety On Dudek Reflex Paragliders

Reflex paragliders can be tested in flight as the classic paragliders are, by traditional, well-established European Normal procedures. However, tests are performed with only fully closed trimmers (slow settings). The reason is, with released trimmers (fast settings) some manoeuvres routinely done during trials are impossible to execute or unreliable when attempted on reflex paragliders. This does not mean that a reflex paraglider is unsafe when flown with released trimmers – quite the contrary: for example it is so much more tuck-resistant with the trimmers all the way out, that it can’t be properly tested with traditional methods. Such a situation happens only when the paraglider is a true reflex paraglider, and that can be proven by measuring in-flight loads of individual risers.

Dudek Paragliders performed such tests in case of Action/Reaction models (see previous post below) as well as Nucleon and Synthesis.


Nucleon Test

Synthesis Test
Both paragliders demonstrated definite reflex features.